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Business Code of Conduct

Kajima Group Code of Conduct

Kajima Corporation, the parent company of Chung-Lu, formulated “Kajima Group Code of Conduct” as the foundation for legal compliance. Among all commercial activities, every director and employee shall meet the basic criteria of practicing business ethics, conveying internally and widely that all commercial activities shall be on the premise of legal compliance, and therefore seeking the raise of awareness and enhancing the coping with legal risks.

Kajima Group Anti-Bribery Principles

Kajima Group Code of Conduct” discloses a “Fair, Transparent, Free Competition and Appropriate Trade” as well as “Transparent Relations with Government”, and Kajima Corporation is also a signatory member of “UN Global Compact”, in which one of the ten principles specifies “Businesses should work against corruption in all its forms, including extortion and bribery.