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    1899-Branch office in Taiwan

  • 1900

    1907-Completion of Taiwan Western Trunk line (Total length 400 km), Zengwen River Bridge (710 m) and Jhuoshuei River Bridge (890 m).
    1908-Construction of Fongshan branch line (16 km).
    1909-Groundbreaking of Alishan Forest Railway and final completion in 1912. Total length is 52 km and it is the only railway with long-distance and steep-slope in the world.
    1912-the longest bridge in Japan at the time with a total length of 1525 m.
    1915-Completion of Taitung Line railway.
    1926- Chianan Irrigation System.
    1931-Completion of Wujie Dam in Sun Moon Lake-the biggest hydro power plant at the time which supplies the electricity consumption of Taiwan.
    1941- Tachiachi Hydro Power Plant, Tienlun Power Plant and Feng Yuan Power Plant.
    1942- Wulai Power Plant.

  • 1960

    1966-Keelung shipyard of China Ship Building Corporation, CSBC (Technical consultant)
    1969- Tsengwen Reservoir (Technical consultant)
    1973-Port of Taichung (Technical consultant)
    1974-A million-ton shipyard of CSBC in Kaohsiung (Design-build)
    1975- China Steel Corporation (CSC) stage 1 (Build)
    1976- North-Link Line tunnel (Build and technical consultant)

  • 1980

    1981- Taipower Ming Hu Underground Power Plant Project (Technical consultant)
    1983-Establishment of Chung Lu Construction CO., Ltd.
    1987-TOYOTA stage 1 (Design-build) and Taipower Ming Tan Underground Power Plant Project (Technical consultant)
    1988-Tamsui River crossing sewerage tunnel in Taipei City (Build)
    1989-Tong Hwa Golf & Country Club, golf course and club house (Build)

  • 1990

    1990-The Sherwood Metaverse (Build)
    1991-Xin Dian and Shu Lin Refuse Incineration Plants of Environmental Protection Administration (EPA)-(Build)
    1992-Toshiba Precision Corporation (Build)
    1993-TOYOTA Guanyin Plant (Design-build)
    1994-Taiwan Cement Corporation Headquarter (Build)
    1996-Obtained ISO9000
    1997-Shihlin Electric Building (Build), Shin-Etsu Handotai office building and factory (Build), and Ambassador Hotel Hsinchu and department stores (Build)
    1999-1999 Jiji earthquake

  • 2000

    2000- AMBASSADOR HOTEL Hsinchu(Build). Hung-Chien Lin-yi-Shuang-His Exclusive Residence (Build).
    2001-Tosoh Quartz Tainan Factory (Build).
    2002- Macronix International FAB 3 (Build). Toppan Factory Stage 1 (Design- Build).
    2003- Jut Land Chin-Gjing-tze Exclusive Residence (Build). Mec Taiwan Taoyuan Zhongli Factory (Build). Ulcoat Taiwan Tainan Factory (Design- Build). Goodman Group Guo-Jia-Yi-Shu-Guan Exclusive Residence (Build).
    2004- Fubon Land Fu-An Building (Build). Hoya Microelectronics Taiwan Zhunan factory stage 2 (Design-build). Taiwan FamilyMart TDC Daxi Logistic Center (Build).
    2005- Taiwan Toppan Tainan Factory stage 2 (Design-build). Quanta Display Taoyuan Longtan Factory (Build). Yuanta Hua-Yuan-Guang-Chang Exclusive Residence (under construction). Hung-Chien Shi-Shia-Guan Exclusive Residence (Build). Cathay Property Group Yung-Ya Exclusive Residence (Build).
    2006- Taiwan High Speed Rail Kaohsiung Yanchao Maintenance Machine Factory (Build). Taiwan High Speed Rail Wuri Maintenance Machine Factory (Build). Hung Sheng The Royal Palace (Build). Fubon Land Ren-Ai Exclusive Residence (Build). Cathay Property Yi-Shiuan Exclusive Residence (Build).
    2007- Hung-Chien Shi-Ti-Guan Exclusive Residence (Build). Taiwan Nitto Optical Taichung Factory (Design-build).
    2008-Taipei Bus Station (Build). Taiwan Kansai Paint Warehouse (Build). Taiwan FamilyMart Kaoshiung Logistic Center (Build). Janome Industrial Equipment Taichung Factory (Build). TNHT Tainan Factory (Design-build). Jen-Sheng Jing-Hua-Yuan Exclusive Residence (Build). Walsin Lihwa Walsin Headquarters (Build). Taiwan Hokuto Pintung Mushroom Factory stage 2 (Build).
    2009- obtained OHSAS18001. Shihlin Electric & Engineering Corporation Sogo Department Store (Build).

  • 2010

    2011- Goodman Group Bei-Sen-Duo-Fu Exclusive Residence (Build). Chailease Construction Tian-Mu-Yi-Juang Exclusive Residence (Build). Fubon Land Jiou-Juang Exclusive Residence (Build). Kuraki Taiwan Taichung Factory (Build).
    2012- WinSin AIT (Build). Taiwan FamilyMart Daxi RE-YI Logistics Center (Build). Hoya Microelectronics Taiwan Zhunan stage 2 Factory (Build). Taiwan FamilyMart TDC Daxi Logistic Center (Build). Taiwan Hokuto Pintung Mushroom 2nd Factory (Build). Chailease Tian-Mu-Yu-Juang Exclusive Residence (Build).
    2013- Taipei New Horizon Building (Build). Chiau-Guo Fu-Jiou-Tsang Exclusive Residence (Build). Chong Hong Hung-Ding Exclusive Residence (Build). NIFCO Taiwan Taoyuan Guanyin factory (Build). Taiwan FamilyMart Yunlin Huwei Logistic Center (Build).
    2014- Taiwan FamilyMart Hsinchu Xinfeng Fresh Food Factory (Build). Yakult Taiwan Zhongli Manufacturing Factory (Build). Guo-Ju Duen-Nan-Shu-Yuan Exclusive Residence (Build).
    2015- Jut Land Development & Chong Hong Development Co. Ming Re Bo Exclusive Residence (Build). WinSing Xin Yi Exclusive Residence (Build).
    2016- Taiwan FamilyMart Daxi RE-YI factory stage 1 & 3 (Build). Kindom Construction Kindom Xinyi Exclusive Residence (Build). Yuanlih One Park Taipei Exclusive Residence (Build). Taiwan Distribution Center Linkou Multi-Temperature Controlled Storage (Build). Uni - Innovation Landmark (Build).
    2017- Taiwan Soka Association Hualien Cultural Centre (Build). YKK Taiwan Chungli Third Factory (Build). Kuozui Motors Guanyin Resin Factory (Build). Taiwan FamilyMart Xinfeng Baking Factory stage 2 (Build). Ebara Precision Machinery Taiwan Hukou Factory stage 3 (Build)
    2018- Taiwan FTS Guanyin factory (Build). Shin-Etsu Electronics Materials Taiwan Factory (Build). Kuozui Motors Guanyin Resin Factory (Build). Taiwan FamilyMart Kaohsiung E-commerce Warehouse (Build).
    2019- Chuangda Hua-Shan-Chuan Exclusive Residence (Build). Dongrui Xindian Ankeng Qingshan Villa A2-1 area (Build). Hong Pu Real Estate International Trade Office Building (Build). Taiwan Tohcello Function Factory (Design- Build).

  • 2020

    2020- obtained ISO45001. Family Mart Taichung Dadu Logistics Center (Build). Leyi Investment Commercial Building (Build). Jen-Shin Shin-Yi-Yu-Din Exclusive Residence (Build). YKK Taiwan Chungli Second Factory (Build). China Life Insurance Company Head Office (Build).
    2021- YKK Taiwan Chungli Second Factory (Build). Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy Sociedad Taichung Nacelle Assembly Facility (Build). Shin-Etsu Electronics Materials Taiwan Factory stage 2(Build). Yuanta Life Insurance Co., Ltd. Head Office (Build).
    2022- obtained ISO14001. Taipei Japanese School renovation project (Design-build). Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy Taichung Offshore Nacelle Assembly Facility Temporary Storage (Build). Family Mart Kaohsiung E-Commerce Warehouse freezer Expansion project (Build). Taiwan Soka Association International Kaohsiung Culture Hall (Build).
    2023- Yamaha Motor Taiwan Headquarter and Hsinchu Factory (Build). Chunghwa Post Logistics Center (JV Build).