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Embrace the opportunity to join the esteemed Chung-Lu construction team, where ambition meets excellence. We invite driven individuals, committed to professionalism, to embark on a rewarding journey with us, shaping the future of construction. Unlock your full potential and be part of a dynamic workforce dedicated to delivering exceptional projects and fostering personal growth.

Talent Recruitment

  1. Comprehensive benefits package: Includes labor insurance, national health insurance, labor retirement pension, and group (medical, accident) insurance.
  2. Regular medical examinations.
  3. Domestic & international employee trips.
  4. Employee welfare system subsidies.
  5. Continuous employee education and training programs.
  6. Well-structured promotion evaluation system.
  7. Japan study program
  8. Robust retirement system.
Join us and experience a rewarding career with a supportive and caring organization that values your well-being and professional growth.

Latest Job Opportunities

Discover an array of exciting career opportunities by visiting the esteemed 104 Job Bank platform, our preferred avenue for talent acquisition. Take a leap towards your professional aspirations and explore the latest and most enticing openings awaiting your expertise.

Click the button below to visit the 104 Job Bank website.